Wood does not like to hasten.

We know well the peculiarities of unique wood species and secrets of work with them that have been accumulated by masters for many years. There are many projects behind our back. And yet we do not work abstractly, in accordance with stereotype. Our knowledge come to life thanks to concrete details the combination of which is unique for each client. Only after having known them, we can create an idea that corresponds to your life space, advantages and style of life.

That is why we consider it is better to discuss a project during friendly conversation. Its slow run allows us to find out the things that may seem insignificant for you. But how the wood enriches your life will depend on this. We work in complex – this is a basis of our company’s values. May it be either an extension or one product, you will receive not only a symbol of status but also a constant source of joy for body and feelings.


3 elements of our services:

  • We select the most favorable for a client wood
  • We develop a project design and decide how to implement it
  • We implement a project with meticulousness of the jewellers

5 advantages of our specialists:

  • Unique knowledge of various wood species and their peculiarities
  • Knowledge of the influence of color and textural decisions in the interior on the man’s state of mind
  • Knowledge of energetic and sacral peculiarities of wood that allow to select the most favorable wood species for different psycho types of a man
  • Many-sided experience of production, mounting and usage of products made of various wood species
  • High level of culture, responsibility and ethics

01042, Kyiv, M. Pryimachenko Avenue, 6A.

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