Expert examination

Any our project begins from the object’s expert examination.

We assiduously and thoroughly examine a space taking into account all nuances – not only geometric but also a role of a premise in landlord’s life. This allows distinguishing the most optimal technology of wooden product mounting and kinds of materials that we recommend to use during mounting.

As a result of expert examination there is a technical task for builders – description of object’s parameters necessary and sufficient for projects realization. Adjoining subcontractors receive the same task and thanks to this there is formed the only understanding of the main point and sequence of works for all masters.

Concluding document of expert examination – is project-estimate documentation that fully describes the object. These are schemes of floor, constructive schemes of stairs, project of joiner’s wares with detailed analyses, constructive and technological solutions.


Who carries out expert examination:

  • Project manager
  • Technologist
  • Profile specialists.

What expert examination consists of:

  • Object’s inspection
  • Measurement of physical parameters of bases: moisture content of screed coat and walls, solidity, quantity of cracks
  • Exact linear measurements
  • Forming of floor and walls maps with all dimensions and indications of deviations from necessary parameters
  • Settlements how to eliminate and compensate deviations
  • The most important part of expert examination – complex conclusions on the basis of all received data

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