Forming of works’ cost of Lacerta Company

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Lacerta Company provides professional services such as consultations, projections, production of wooden wares, and also organization of their mounting.  For optimization of this process we divide services and their cost into functional components:

  • consultation and expert examination of the object;
  • working out of the project, technology of the mounting and forming of the project-estimate documentation;
  • administration of works, informational-technical accompaniment of the project;
  • organization of mounting works.

Correspondingly there is formed a cost of services in such a way. Thanks to this a customer has a possibility to pay not for a whole complex, but for its separate modules. Depending on what he chooses, Lacerta Company provides different kinds of warranty obligations: full or partial; for one year, three years or five years. Warranty can be provided as well as for separate service, and for separate kind of product. If we carry a project from the beginning till the end, then we are responsible for deviations of real characteristics of the product from the parameters of the project (if the product is used by the client in a proper way). Providing a full specter of services, Lacerta Company gives full warranty for final products that includes removing and compensation of all kinds of deviations from the indicated in the project parameters.
Clients can pay for materials and work of specialists of mounting directly to suppliers or subcontractors or with the help of our company.
Warranty for parquet plate is provided on condition of object’s accompaniment by our specialists, using of technologies and materials of proper quality and also execution of works by certified installers.
Depending on the level of materials that are used during mounting, there are provided different kinds of warranty obligations. Lacerta Company also gives warranty for provided services, recommendations, and constructive and engineering solutions.

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