We take care of what we have done.

We worry how our products “live” after. Wood reacts on environment, adapts to it and changes itself. We are ready to take care of it as much as needed so it will has kept its beauty and wholeness for many years.

Maintenance does not expect frequent interventions. But occasionally master should check the product and feel its state. It will allow noticing in time what needs correction in order to save the ideal state of the product. If the product is damaged as a result of a “wreck”, we will immediately go out for your call and find how to correct a problem.


Maintenance provides:

  • Products restoration
  • Surface restoring
  • General products maintenance

Our aims:

  • Production and mounting of the product the way it will has served irreproachably without intervention of a specialist
  • Simplifying maintenance and servicing to the maximum

01042, Kyiv, M. Pryimachenko Avenue, 6A.

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