Jeweler’s exactness? We have not just heard of it but we implement it.

Modern programmable press machine can cut the product of any complexity. But only a man can put a nice “dot” in the project. Our specialists start their work in concentrated and calm state of mind in order the installing is perfect. As a result the project is built up in the space smoothly, accurately and harmonically.

Installation requires coordinated actions of different specialists: project manager, technologist, designer, driver, loader, specialists of parquet mounting, installers of terrace systems, installers of stairs, carpenters. That is why we are very assiduous in selection of team members.


Advantages of our installers:

  • Wood products installation for more than 10 years: parquet flooring, terraces, stairs, and various joinery wares
  • High level of culture and responsibility
  • Deep knowledge and constant self-perfection

Sequence of mounting:

  • Object examination
  • Project-estimate documentation – its drawing up and coordinating
  • Purchasing and delivery of materials
  • Loading – unloading works
  • Constructive and technical solutions – development, agreement and their implementation
  • Directly mounting works
  • Warranty services
  • Restoration – if needed

01042, Kyiv, M. Pryimachenko Avenue, 6A.

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