It is needed well-equipped production for what we create.

We have studied the enterprises in Ukraine and abroad and have stopped our choice at a few best European companies. They have the widest possibilities of wood treatment and allow us fully realize our intentions. We are able to create masterpieces of wooden art without exaggeration at their capacities.

It was very important for us to find partners capable to give us full control over production of our orders. Thanks to this our clients are insured from the necessity of compromises with quality. Just because we do not permit mistakes.


What you receive:

  • Absolutely individual execution of order
  • High mastery of its implementation
  • Warranty of product’s ecological friendliness

What we can:

  • Personally choose materials for product starting from the tree log
  • Work with 52 wood species
  • Produce non-standard boards with width up to 50 cm and length up to 15 m
  • Produce boards with variable width and length
  • Treat wood at the first stages of production
  • Use more than 12 kinds of deep wood treatment
  • Adjust wood color in wide range
  • Personally take ready-made products from the factory

01042, Kyiv, M. Pryimachenko Avenue, 6A.

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