Projection – is a search of an answer to a question how to realize a wish of a client.

This stage is the most important in our work. Data collected during expert examination become «fuel» for thoughtful creativity and collective brainstorming. Selecting the most beautiful and effective ideas we describe them in details in project-estimate documentation indicating exact terms and cost estimate.

We specialize in “impossible” tasks. It is often happens to help clients who came across refusal of other masters. Of course, some projects are also not easy for us and make us sleep deprived. But we managed to implement not less than 90% of client’s wishes even in uniquely difficult cases.


What is a project:

  • Visualization with exact parameters of final product
  • Description of technological and constructive decisions accordingly to individual peculiarities of the object
  • Exact instructions – what to do and what to get for builders and adjoining contactors

Project documentation:

  • Drawings: parquet cake, terrace system, constructive of stairs and fastening systems
  • Technology of installing
  • Succession of installing taking into account peculiarities of object and adjoining works
  • Project-estimate documentation – a list of materials and works and also their costs
  • Calendar plan – schedule of works completion
  • Technical task for builders and adjoining subcontractors

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