Reinterpretation of cooperation with producers


We have worked out more comfortable and advantageous scheme of services for our buyers taking into account economical realities.
Its main point is in the following: Lacerta Company offers products by prices of producers + delivery and custom services by separate cost.
If a client wishes to use his own way of delivery, we keep all warranty obligations for him – from the producer’s side as well as from the side of Lacerta Company.
We also provide following services within price cost of the producer:

  • Consultation and selection of wood, wood species, color, kinds of treatment;
  • Control at the production, receiving of raw materials for half-finished products, and control of final treatment of products;
  • In general – organizing arrangements connected with production of parquet products, joiner’s wares, stairs, and cooperation of a client with a factory (technical and informational accompaniment).

So we offer a client a full value service and professional accompaniment of the order on the more advantageous conditions. This way a client pays only factory cost for the products without any extra charges and commissions.

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