Why we


1. Experience.
Our unique and most valuable knowledge about what should not be done.
We made many mistakes and we had to pay much for them. As a result there were formed systems of limitations, determined concrete bounds and principals. They are symbolized by red frame – an important element of our company’s style. Lacerta Company is a team that has firm principals formed by our own invaluable experience.

2. Love to wood.
We love wood. We cannot treat the result of our work as square meters or exceptionally as a way of earning money. We apprehend a work at each project very personally and do this work as for ourselves. It is not interesting for us to sell ordinary, featureless wares made of wood.
We try to select color, texture, treatment, and material of the quality that will fully correspond to conceptions of the client, architect or designer. Naturally, unique solutions cost more. However the experience has shown that when a client has to go for compromise, he will be disappointed by this or that peculiarity of the product.
On the basis of this there appeared our second principle: we do not go for compromises regarding quality and visual-esthetic characteristics of products.
There are many companies that offer lower price for similar project with unknown characteristics.
Though we provide our clients with full information, factory’s price, and prime cost of delivery and custom clearance. We do not make extra charges for our own profitability.

3. Specialty.
We have studied various exotic wood species for many years and used them for production of parquet flooring, terraces, stairs, furniture, and many other elements of interior. We perfectly know all production processes and those things that are needed for achieving of the best results.
We have worked out the most optimal system of treatment, stabilization and production of wooden wares having worked with different producers during production of individual orders, having studied different technologies, methods of treatment, drying, and stabilization of wood. This way there was formed third principle: professionalism.
Products that are made by Lacerta Company always correspond to exact requirements. They are produced in accordance with technologies that were worked out by us on the basis of many-years experience of not only production and mounting but also maintenance of products. Our products pass definite stages and kind of treatment not depending on clients’ fancies – because there is no sense to make one more kind of cheap parquet flooring. We do not give out the products to the client till the peculiarities of the product correspond definite parameters and the main of them is stability. There is always needed time for production of high-quality and unique product.

4. Meticulousness and completeness in details
We do not sell parquet, terrace board or stairs steps – we sell parquet flooring, stairs installed at the object, or terrace on the whole. We are not a shop that sells decorative materials. Consequently there is our fourth principle: we are engaged in realization of projects till the final result. We always bring our projects to logical finish and give out the client ready-made product.
And the most important for us is a respect to a harmony of life, an advantage for a man, and observance of true values.

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